Step-by-Step Guide: Creating Stock Solution of P17 and Nox Strains After Plating on Petri Dishes

Creating a stock solution of P17 and Nox strains is a crucial step in many microbiological and genetic studies. However, if you’ve accidentally plated them on Petri dishes, don’t worry. You can still recover and create a stock solution from the colonies grown on the plates. This guide will walk you through the process step-by-step, ensuring you end up with a viable stock solution for your research needs.

Step 1: Isolate Colonies

First, you need to isolate colonies of P17 and Nox strains from the Petri dishes. Using a sterile loop, carefully pick a single colony from the plate and transfer it to a sterile tube containing a suitable growth medium. This step is crucial to ensure that your stock solution contains only the desired strain and is free from contamination.

Step 2: Incubate the Cultures

Once you’ve transferred the colonies to the growth medium, incubate the cultures at the appropriate temperature for your specific strains. This step allows the bacteria to multiply and create a dense culture, which is necessary for creating a concentrated stock solution.

Step 3: Harvest the Cells

After incubation, you’ll need to harvest the cells. This is typically done by centrifugation. Centrifuge the cultures at a high speed for a few minutes to pellet the cells at the bottom of the tube. Then, carefully remove the supernatant without disturbing the cell pellet.

Step 4: Resuspend the Cells

Next, resuspend the cell pellet in a suitable buffer or medium. This step is crucial to ensure that the cells are evenly distributed in the solution, which is necessary for creating a homogeneous stock solution.

Step 5: Aliquot and Store the Stock Solution

Finally, aliquot the stock solution into sterile tubes and store them at the appropriate temperature. This step is crucial to maintain the viability of the cells and to prevent contamination during future use.

In conclusion, even if you’ve accidentally plated your P17 and Nox strains on Petri dishes, you can still create a viable stock solution. The key is to carefully isolate the colonies, incubate them to create a dense culture, harvest and resuspend the cells, and finally aliquot and store the stock solution. By following these steps, you can ensure that your stock solution is pure, concentrated, and ready for your research needs.