Two Concerns Addressed With One Stone

NewsUSA) – A global recession has a wearied public in its grips as consumers tighten their belts. Policymakers are engaging in a fierce battle for both short-term and long-term solutions while ordinary Americans go about their daily lives with hopes that the situation won’t get any worse.

Nearly one trillion dollars has been injected into the faltering system, but immediate success has yet to materialize. Fears about the sagging pocketbook are coupled with feelings of insecurity about the safety and quality of products being imported from overseas, especially the food being imported into the U.S. at an unprecedented rate. Americans currently import over 80 percent of seafood meals consumed, while statistics indicate that seafood is the leading cause of foodborne illness. With the FDA able to inspect less than 1 percent of the shipments into U.S. ports, consumers have expressed deep concern about the safety of their families.

A California-based life sciences company, Global Food Technologies (GFT), is primed to take advantage of the current economic situation by offering its first product into the market, iPura. The first of its kind, iPura is a food-safety company with a unique approach combining technological hardware and methods with trained technicians to ensure that the very highest standards have been implemented in the delivery of seafood imported from overseas.

Including an organic “clean step” that reduces disease-causing pathogens, iPura escorts the product from foreign-based factory to the U.S.-held fork with a seal of authenticity that includes temperature monitoring, traceability and full transparency for the consumer.

“iPura instills confidence in foreign-sourced seafood by giving consumers the peace of mind they deserve,” says President of GFT Keith Meeks.

With the wild volatility of most sectors on Wall Street, household goods and staples have not fallen as much as the others, reflective of the trend for consumers to take care of essentials before discretionary purchases such as electronic goods and new automobiles. As food safety has become a major concern for food company executives, with 84 percent in a recent survey stating that food safety is their main priority, iPura offers investors a chance to profit in a time of uncertainty and economic downturn by meeting market demand.