The Nutrition Label — A Great Read

NewsUSA) – Way back when, few of us paid much attention to the ingredients in the food we were eating. A laundry list of ingredients that most folks couldn’t pronounce really didn’t bother us.

Things have certainly changed. Now there are the “clean” food movement, the “real” food campaign and the battle cry to at least recognize most of the ingredients in your food.

Believe it or not, some products on the market have always had “real” ingredients. They feature fresh taste and wholesome ingredients. And while some companies had to scramble to remove the offending ingredient culprits like trans fat and pesky artificial food dyes, Kozy Shack offers puddings, including their Original Rice, tapioca and chocolate, that are a good source of calcium and contain no preservatives or hydrogenated oils. Check the label — milk, rice, sugar, eggs — they’re all the real deal.

Now with all food products requiring nutritional labeling, it is easier than ever for consumers to make a smart choice. Go ahead and take a look at the label before you buy your next packaged good to determine if the product contains “real” ingredients, like Kozy Shack’s traditional puddings.

Here are some other helpful supermarket and snacking hints:

–Prepare a list. Going to the grocery store with a list greatly reduces the likelihood of making impulse buys. If shoppers go to the store with a set list in mind, they’re less likely to buy unnecessary items.

–Know your store. As a general rule, shop the perimeter of the store to find healthy foods — like fruit, vegetables, fish, unprocessed meat, whole grain breads and low-fat dairy — and avoid the temptation of processed, high-sugar or high-sodium foods that tend to be placed in the center aisles.

–Purchase in bulk when available. Save money on products you can buy in bulk that allow you to make your own individual portions at home. Items like cookies, crackers and nuts sold pre-packed cost more per serving than larger portions you can divide yourself.

–Don’t deprive yourself. Instead, eat smaller portions or find “lighter” versions of your favorite snacks. Dessert lovers can satisfy their sweet tooth with products that say “no added sugar” or that come in small serving packages. For example, if you have trouble maintaining portion sizes for a pint of ice cream, try purchasing portion-controlled ice cream sandwiches or fudge popsicles. Pudding lovers shouldn’t miss Kozy Shack’s No Sugar Added line, which contains one-third fewer calories and half the carbohydrates of Kozy Shack’s traditional puddings.

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